Devermarip was stablished in 2020 with the objective of trading asphalt products. Nowadays, we supply bitumen and other oil derivatives to customers across Latin America and Europe.

We rely on strong partnerships and network created by our highly skilled staff who have a vast experience in the physical trading of oil products, to deliver innovative and tailor-made solutions to multiple types of requests from our customers.

Our Business

We supply a myriad of customers with physical trading, connecting primary sources and refineries in Asia, Middle East and Europe with final distributors around the globe.

Throughout the years we have developed great expertise, a strong network, partnerships and joint ventures that have enabled us to adapt and identify opportunities in the very volatile market of oil derivatives.

Bitumen, Bunker Fuel Oil and Marine Diesel Oil are our specialities and where we are highly competitive.


We strive to offer personalized service to customers from all geographies, of all sizes and under different circumstances, taking advantage of our lean organizational structure and global network, prioritizing opportune sharing of market intelligence with our clients, having as main objective business sustainability and profitability for all the parties involved.

Every day, we put our efforts to develop new markets, tearing down market barriers where only traditional players are doing business and participation of new players has been ruled out.


To be a solid trading platform, where customers of all sizes can find a suitable solution to their needs.
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